As Muslims, we call each other brothers and sisters in Islam, meaning we consider each other to be family. Now, consider how dysfunctional it would be for a family to go around speaking about each other in a negative and defaming way. You’d be pretty quick to realize that the family would need to seek some counsel and follow a set way of conduct with each other in order to function better and to be happier, right? Well, we as Muslims are a family, and so, instead of constantly attacking each other (physically and verbally), let’s work on functioning better and helping each other towards achieving happiness by reading and following our books of conduct, the Quran and Sunnah. We may not all follow things to the letter right away, but instead of insulting and discouraging each other like we already do, let’s be a smart family by taking care of and supporting each other. Insha Allah, slowly but surely, we’ll find ourselves being at peace, as individuals and as a whole.

Nadir Keval
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