Be good to others and live out life with the goodness of your heart. Don’t worry about how someone might perceive something you do, if all you are doing is striving to pursue your happiness and live out your dreams. Of course, keep this within the bounds of morality and sound judgment, and know that it is better for you to worry about the Judgment of the Creator than it is for you to worry about the judgment of the creation. Live your life to spread good and forbid evil, and focus on pleasing the Creator by doing your best to take care of His Creation. You may get ridiculed, you may be shunned, but what hero have you known that was always accepted by his/her people? You will never be accepted by everyone. There are too many varieties of people for that to be possible. Instead, spread happiness and search for the good in people. And even if you don’t get noticed or credited, know in your heart that you’re a hero.

Nadir Keval
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