My heart melted, and my faith was uplifted after watching this video on “Saving Our Imaan (faith)” by 4 year old, Fatima Saleem Kodia. Masha Allah tabarakallah!

As I listened to this, I also thought of how many of us have grown up hearing about how we must learn from our elders. Yet, time and time again, I see these youth that break the barriers of stereotypes. Size, age, experience, are not reasons for judging a person’s ability to bestow wisdom. Sometimes, even ants can teach giants a lesson.

May Allah continue to guide her, keep her on a path of wisdom, happiness, righteousness, and confidence. May she be an example to the generations to come, and a reminder to parents, new and old, that potential sparks at any time, and it’s important to help children shine in their own way. I pray to have a child that is happy, righteous, and driven like her, and pray the same for all of you.

Muslim or not, this video is a must-see. It’s all about love, faith, and community…all from the heart and voice of the most pure and limitless of souls: a child.

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